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Seminar Series Start Oct 2023

Limited Spots Available.

What's Included:


Seminar #1:

Join us for a 90-min seminar where we go over the roadmap to building a 6-figure business

It'll be a jam-packed session brimming with knowledge to help you learn not just what you need to do but also an overview of the how and when to do the steps that will lead you to being the owner of a 6-figure business!


Seminar #2:

Take a deeper dive with us on how you find and retain customers. Whether you are looking for your 1st or your 10th customer, this seminar will help you devise a multi-prong strategy to increase your chances of making continuous sales and keeping your customers coming back for more!


Seminar #4:

Tired of living in start-up hustle mode? Let's work on getting you beyond that 1st year survival phase. Even if you are just starting your business, knowing what the landscape should look like beyond your 1st year will help you plan the future of your company. In this seminar, we're going uncover vital 3 components to growth, which are: people, process, and capital. 


Seminar #3:

Take charge of your finances in Seminar #3 and learn about money, capital and finance. Don't let this area of the business be the one you ignore because you don't think you make enough for it to matter. Knowing how to use and track the money in your business is what will keep you in business! Join us and learn how you can leverage the financial part of your venture to help you expand and grow your top and bottom line.

Are you someone who is a....?


Turn your business idea into a thriving reality by learning what's to come and skills you need.


Level up your existing venture and set the course for continuous growth.



Embrace the journey of flying solo with the right knowledge and support.



Transform your passion project into a lucrative venture on the side.



Gain the know-how to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with a bang!

Then this seminar series was designed
for you!

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Tiffany Kao

Even though Tiffany didn't have much business experience, mentors, or a supportive network, she scraped her way to M&A success in her first venture, armed with a whole lot of luck and pure grit. The lessons she learned from that initial venture were super valuable and stuck with her as she started more businesses.

Today, Tiffany runs August 88, where she helps out small-to-mid scale businesses with fixing complex finance, accounting, and operational challenges.

This seminar series, Entrepreneurship 101 and Beyond, is her way of tackling the question, "What do I wish I had known when I was starting my first business?" The outcome is a down-to-earth seminar series that empowers promising entrepreneurs who want to make their own businesses work, by providing practical strategy and advice that make sense for the short term and the long haul.

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