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The Real Entrepreneur: You’re Not Just the CEO, You’re Also the Janitor

You've launched a business. Congratulations! You're the CEO. But let's clear up one thing right off the bat—you're not just the CEO. You're also the visionary, the team leader, the decision-maker, and yes, even the salesperson. And during those early days? You might also be the janitor, the customer service rep, and the one fixing the printer.

Many different jobs a Entrepreneur does.

Being the Visionary: The One Who Sets The North Star

Your vision is the North Star. It's what got you here in the first place, and it's what will keep you moving when times get tough. Your job is to see the forest when everyone else is looking at the trees. That's a massive responsibility, one that you carry even when doing the most mundane tasks, like answering emails or sorting out payroll.

Team Leader: The Glue Holding Everything Together

Once you've seen the forest, you've got to guide others through it. That means setting the culture, hiring the right people, and keeping the team motivated. Your team looks to you for direction and clarity. So, while it’s tempting to drown yourself in day-to-day operations, don’t forget that leading and managing your team is one of your key roles.

Decision-Maker: The Buck Stops With You

Decisions, decisions, decisions. You'll make hundreds of them, big and small, every single day. They range from the inconsequential—like what brand of coffee to stock in the break room—to ones that will make or break your business. Each decision carries weight, and you've got to bear it.

Salesperson: The First and Last Line of Offense

Whether it's pitching to investors or convincing customers, selling is a skill you can't ignore. No one can sell your vision better than you. That’s why, especially in the early stages, you are your own best salesperson. No one else is going to be as passionate, or as desperate, to get that sale across the line.

Wearing Many Hats: It’s a Grind, but You’re Not Alone

In the beginning, it’s all you. But with growth comes the ability to delegate. The grind to that point is real. You're doing jobs you never signed up for, and that's okay. Eventually, you'll bring on people to share the load. It's not just desirable; it's necessary for your sanity and the health of your business.

Being an entrepreneur means you're a jack-of-all-trades but master of one: your vision. As your business grows, you'll be able to specialize more, but until then, embrace the grind and wear those many hats with pride.

So, go ahead, be the visionary, the leader, the decision-maker, and yes, the salesperson. And remember, even if you have to be the janitor for now, you're cleaning the floors of a building you own. And there’s something incredibly satisfying about that.


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