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What is a Customer Avatar and How Do You Use It, in Real Life?

Ever wondered why some businesses seem to know exactly what you want? The secret might be their use of a 'customer avatar'. Let's break down what this means and how you can use it in your business.

What is a Customer Avatar and How Do You Use It, in Real Life?

What’s a Customer Avatar?

Simply put, a customer avatar is like an imaginary friend for businesses. It's a detailed picture of the ideal person they want to sell to. This isn’t just making up a random person; it’s based on real data and insights about their customers' likes, needs, and habits.

Creating Your Own Customer Avatar

  1. Collect Info: Start with what you know about your current customers. What do they like? How old are they? What kind of job do they have?

  2. Understand Their Needs: What problems do your customers have that your product or service can solve? What are they trying to achieve?

  3. Give Them a Story: Make your avatar relatable. Give them a name, hobbies, and even challenges they face.

  4. Keep Updating: People change, and so should your avatar. Keep it updated with new information.

Putting Your Avatar to Work

Let's go through some examples, one for a product-based business and one for a service-based business, so you can see how to put a customer avatar to use:

Product Design and Service Tailoring

  • For a Product Business (Local Bakery) Example: Your avatar is 'Baker Beth,' a 35-year-old working parent who values fresh, homemade, and healthy baked goods for her family. You introduce a range of whole grain breads, gluten-free options, and kid-friendly treats that align with Beth's preferences for nutritious, yet delicious, bakery items.

  • For a Service Business (Digital Marketing Agency) Example: Your avatar is 'Entrepreneur Ethan,' a small business owner eager to grow his online presence. You tailor your services to include comprehensive, user-friendly digital marketing packages specifically catering to small business needs.

Marketing That Resonates

  • For the Local Bakery: In your marketing, you highlight the freshness, health benefits, and the homemade aspect of your products, directly appealing to 'Baker Beth’s' desire for wholesome and tasty options for her family. This could be through local community events, social media posts featuring your daily specials, or flyers emphasizing the quality ingredients you use.

  • For Digital Marketing Agency: Your marketing materials emphasize simplicity, effectiveness, and real-case success stories, directly addressing 'Entrepreneur Ethan’s' need for transparent and efficient marketing solutions.

Enhancing Customer Experience

  • In the Bakery: You ensure that the bakery atmosphere is welcoming and family-friendly, catering to 'Baker Beth’s' needs. This could include a small play area for children, offering samples of new products, or having a quick-order system for busy parents on the go.

  • In the Digital Marketing Agency: You provide 'Entrepreneur Ethan' with easy-to-understand reports, regular strategy updates, and responsive customer service, making the complex world of digital marketing accessible and engaging.

Feedback Loop & Adaptation

  • For the Bakery: You actively seek customer feedback through comment cards, social media polls, or casual conversations. If customers like 'Baker Beth' express a desire for more sugar-free options or extended opening hours for early morning pickups, you consider these changes to better serve your clientele.

  • For the Marketing Agency: You constantly refine your services based on client feedback. If small business owners like 'Entrepreneur Ethan' express a need for more in-depth social media strategies, you might develop specialized social media marketing services.

Having a customer avatar is crucial, particularly in the early stages of your business when resources are limited and every marketing dollar needs to be spent wisely.

Remember, having a customer avatar doesn't mean you only cater to that type of person.

It's really about having a clear idea of your ideal customer to help steer what you make, how you advertise, and the way you treat your customers. This way, you get known for serving a certain group, but it doesn't stop others from liking what you offer. A lot of your customers might be a bit different from your avatar, but they'll still enjoy and value what you provide.

In short, a customer avatar is a tool to sharpen your focus and make your business more appealing to your customers. Give it a shot for your business today!


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